The Week In Pictures

Woodward Sand Co. soap box derby car w/ '51 Ford F1 pickup sponsor vehicle.

'39 Plymouth convertible.

Somebody's bad experience with a '54 Hudson Hornet, despite the factory wires.

Old soldier 1928-9 Auburn w/ Pilot-Ray, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

1957 Chrysler Windsor w/ single headlights, for those nine states that ran late in legalizing duals. The Flite-Sweep color insert panel was added to Windsors with duo-tone roofs shortly after introduction to help move these plain Janes out the door. Similar styling cues on Studebaker's '57 President make me wonder if Chrysler lifted the dart panel from Studebaker after South Bend borrowed Highland Park's front end? Photo below from a ClassicCars.com listing, incorrectly labeled a '58.

Early twenties Dodge w/ crawler track conversion.

I seem to remember this sports racer as a Brooks Stevens project from an early 60s Road & Track or Car and Driver. The script just ahead of the red/white/blue badge borrowed from Stevens' '63-4 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk appears to spell Excalibur and the badge on the hood looks like crossed swords in a circle, but I can't find the original article and Google inquiries all lead to the Mercedes SS replicar. Red coupe to the rear is a '48-9 Maserati A6/1500 Berlinetta by Pininfarina like one imported by R&T staff photographer Jerry Chesebrough in days of yore and lovingly captured by him in front of Bullock's Pasadena.


  1. Woodward Sand Company was located in Mission valley,San Diego, CA. The truck in this picture belonged to my grandfather, Arthur Woodward, the house behind the pickup truck was probably grandfather's house on Bancroft St. San Diego, CA. This is the first time I viewed this photo, would like more info.
    Thanks for the post.