2006 Mitsubishi Concept-EZ MIEV

"The brainchild of Mitsubishi Design Europe, the strikingly styled Concept-EZ advanced prototype demonstrates the dynamic, packaging and design benefits of MIEV (Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle), which uses ultra-compact electric motors that sit within the wheel hub itself.
Each of the Concept-EZ's 20inch wheels houses a 27bhp in-hub motor - for a total output of 108bhp – powered by a lithium-ion battery pack sandwiched beneath the car's flat floor.
By employing its MIEV technology in the 3700mm long Concept-EZ, Mitsubishi has liberated its engineers and designers from the traditional constraints imposed by internal combustion power and drivetrain, and have created an ‘urban capsule’ vehicle that provides unsurpassed interior packaging.
Concept-EZ's usable internal space has also been enhanced by the use of a retractable steering wheel, drive-by-wire technology and intelligent folding seats to create a space that’s as equally adept at transporting passengers as it is providing them with an innovative and secure lounge area when they arrive." 
                                                                                     Photos and text from Mitsubishi.
What one web critic called a toaster is also a smart punk mono-box that's almost all transformable interior space. Motor Show Middle East has an extensive selection of EZ MIEV photos.

Windwings & Whitewalls '39 Ford Deluxe

Young photographer on the hunt, Texas 1941.

1952-3 Nash Statesman Custom Hardtop

How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?

Circa 1922 Paige 6-66 Daytona Roadster

The Paige Daytona was named for the beach where a stripped version of the car set a 102.8 mph stock-chassis record with Ralph Mulford at the wheel in 1921. I think we're still in Florida here but I haven't been able to pin the location down. The Tarragona Tower, with very similar stonework arches on either side, was built as gateway to an exclusive golf and country club community called Daytona Highlands, 'Florida's Suburb of Hills and Lakes', in the early twenties, but these vine-covered stones look like they've been there awhile. Maybe we're looking at Tarragona's inspiration?

Bob Leatherman Crosley 1/2 Pint Stock Car Chicago