American Presence

Douglas C-54 Skymaster over China.

Captain Dumas w/ captured Fiat 'Topolino' (small mouse) - what Mickey is called in Italy.

Charles Lanscardi of Washington State in Germany in the early sixties.

Minderjährig Fräulein & '41 Buick.

Late 1940s Harley-Davidson Panhead.

Austin 6 Belfast Northern Ireland 1944. Notice the gas tank (coal gas) on top of the car.

Captured VW-based Schwimmwagen.

'46-7 Packard Clipper staff car.

It'll Never Get Off The Ground
Though it hasn't got a name, this unusual auto is causing quite a stir in Wethersfield, England. US Air Force Lt. Col. Edward H. Risher seems to have carried the 'do-it-yourself' craze to extremes in this car. Beginning with a Ford Anglia chassis, Col. Hisher added, among other things, a cut-down Chevrolet hood, Austin Bantam wheels and rear windshield from an American Ford. The crowning touch, however, came in the form of two wing tanks from a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star jet trainer.

Lew & Swiss customs w/ '47-9 Studebaker convertible.

Special Services 1962 Ford wagon @ Sangley Point, Philippines.

Navy Auxiliary Minneapolis Moline NTX @ OTU-2 VB-4 Jacksonville, Florida.

'37 Dodge in wartime Honolulu.

American soldier surveys propulsion system of captured Messerschmitt Me 262, the first functional jet fighter.

'59 Rambler Ambassador Cross Country w/ Messerschmitt KR200, KR200 Kabrio & VW Beetle.

Captured Tatra T87.

Another '41 Buick.

Sembach Mace Pacers 1960