Training Wheels

1941 Steelcraft or postwar Murray Navy Patrol, pressed steel, rubber tires, 45' long, 34' wingspan.

1946-7 Olds 98 Coupe?

Polaroid 47.

c.1930 American National Oakland.

1941 Cadillac

1948-50 Pontiac Model Murray, on the waterfront.

Spanish Harlem 2006, Polaroid 600.

Somewhere in Oklahoma.

1950s Garton Kidillac Deluxe w/ working headlights.

Unidentified early hybrid w/ '37 Pontiac and Super Suds box.

1932 Pontiac 6.

1953 Chevy convertible w/ Camaro prospect.

1973 Corvette Stingray.

Young Adelstein in his own sports car, an AMF Flash.

Mark in the Rambler.

Micro-midget hellcat, Polaroid 42 print.


Matthew 11 mos. March 18, 1988. Benz SL roadster, possibly a Young Master. Polaroid SX-70. Mercedes rule.

1910s Cyclomotor bicycle conversion.

Mobilgas C. Bubby '40 Ford Standard Modified #105 in Kokomo, Indiana or thereabouts.

Spark Plug at the controls.

1957-9 Austin-Healey 100-6.

Memorial Day 1986, Washington State.

DJ and her car. She has on a borrowed suit but wants one badly. Taken over in Floyd's yard. DJ's ride is a circa 1939 Gendron Pioneer Roadster designed by Brooks Stevens, seen here in the Glendale-Burbank area of LA's San Fernando Valley.

Typical 1940s scene but for the '57 Buick wagon across the street.

Veteran motor enthusiast and doting father in early '50s Penn-Yan runabout w/ Mercury outboard. Maybe Shafer Lake, maybe Ohio River.


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  2. Fantastic stuff! I just posted the link to our facebook page.

    LeMay- America's Car Museum

  3. That is a wonderful post, you hit a home run with this gallery... my compliments!

  4. Great stuff - and thats a 73 Corvette - the only year with a 'rubber' nose AND chrome rear bumpers.